joi, 18 iulie 2013

No stoppin' you

Baby girl please open ur eyes
Obsereve ur potential that shines
Don't be so sad
Only cuz this world is so mad
Show them ur up
and ready to reach for the top
Don't step back
Just stay on the track
The struggle is u
Yeah, u, not them,
try to find the best version of u

I like u a lot
Not cuz ur hot
U are a nice and smart lil' baby
Just like a lady,
A lady that's sweet and cute like a candy
So just keep on doin' what u do
Cuz nobody duz it better than u do
Now listen and read:
They follow, u lead!

I hope this is a message
that u understand
Coming from a heart of a gangsta
that beats with no end

marți, 16 iulie 2013

Friendly Games

C’mon let’s play
Just say,
Ur havin the best day
It’s okay, 
let’s face it
Ur dreamin big
about doin’it
I got a misson from a star
It's brief is to start a love war
Don’t be shy baby girl
Your eyes shine like a pearl
We’re just talikn’ and havin’ fun
Thinkin’ bout ya boyfriend huh?
Just give him some space
To do notinhin about it

Girl don’t worry bout the word “commitment”
We can surely be friends
I don’t really wanna take u from ur man
Even the time is very short until then
I swear,
You'll be number one in ma top ten!
Ur to fine to pay a love fine
Forget him and be mine!
Girl remember we can taste 
those luxury wines
And enlighten our desire 
to cross some lines

U need to feel a player in ur life,
I'll get u out of ur every day rife
Smilin’, drinkin’, jokin and thorwin rocks
I can bet  thousands of bucks
Just to see ur shining smile
In ma' late night gangsta style
Night, that I can pass it right
Challenging any monster to fight

It’s 5 o'clock in the morning
Baby, ur brighter than the sun
Just give me that kiss
And I’ll be on a run                   
Too bad it’s a short stay
But shorty, is just like u say:
“Lets’s keep it for the next time when we play”

miercuri, 10 iulie 2013


Shorty, the night is gettin' darker
Dark as a black marker
I'm gonna pimp my Parker
I spit rhymes like an archer
Now listen to my barker:
Girl u think I’m funny
That’s right, I’m lovely
Just like your bunny
When I’m with u
I don’t need no money
But let’s get the honey
Kissin’ n touchin’
Then we get to bouncin’
Uniting the love dots
Should I have the childish guts?
Treat me like a lollypop baby
Then u got to be my lady

Ya kno’ the thing fo’ sho’
I don’t need to ask no bro
Cuz I’d love u like a pro!