luni, 12 august 2013

Active Duty

My only fear is getting broke
broke is the word that kills hope
I get dope
Man, this could bring me
to a heavy stroke
I play like an editor,
I'm strong like a predator
That's why bitches come and go
I swear I'll never love a hoe
but let me tell u somethin' worse
sometimes bitches carry balls

I hear those fuckin' voices
They say that we have choices
I wonder if this shit is real
I hope that Somebody could hear
I allways try to fight with tactics
And all I need is proper practice
parctice just like the praxis
to train my heart, my soul, my mind
These 3 are one of a kind!
Haters keep dissin' and talkin' shit,
they ask themselves with no reply:
"How the fuck he's better and why?"
 Fake ass hommies, fakes ass bitches
U all got some disease that itches
So go and get a lucky star
And go the hell away, that far!