joi, 30 mai 2013


Transpir a sange
suflu-mi a nai
Luati viata-mi pietrelor,
crapati de suferinta!..

marți, 28 mai 2013


Clipesc copacii infloriti
Raul spala vene moarte
Vantul zumzet de albine
Mieii raze de soare in roua
Moartea-mi Floare de Colt
cand ploua...

duminică, 26 mai 2013


Some people got a shit
against me
Some people wanna see me
as week as I can be
But they don't look inside
I say inside, inside again
they look aside
I keep on printing parts
of soul
I find myself chased by
the ghoul
I'm crazy screaming like
an owl

I still got what it takes
I'm dying pumpin'
on some brakes
This life I give
Just life I live
Is there a meaning
for forgive?

Hate and lust
They wanna blast
as they wanna kill me fast
I see no trust
So I die, it is a must
Cast the spell
It's livin' Hell
I know fo sure this I can tell
I'm breathing like a broken bell
Is there the Heaven that I sell?

Sa vii...

Sa vii acolo
unde sti ca ma gasesti
in lacuri de lacrimi amare
adanci gradini de suspine divine,
paduri de dorinte alpine
sa vii sa ma iei doar
cu tine!

vineri, 24 mai 2013


Sa mor cantand
as vrea
cantul frunzelor pustii
gatul mielului din ii
suflul coasei

joi, 23 mai 2013


Merg pe drumul intrebarii
Si asa ma dau uitarii
Vise de pasi inocenti
Pe frunze de fagi indolenti

Vajaie-mi vantul conturul
Din viata sa scap eu doar unul
Frigul drogheaza o vena
Pamantu-mi tetanic arena

Ziduri de case-nvechite
Imi plang lacrimi impietrite
Dureri duhnite in podea
Moartea ma plimba prin ea

miercuri, 22 mai 2013


Keep bitches in my mind
They want me pure and blind
And dying on the grind
Only money it's the bind
Could've left it all behind...
All this world tries to consume me
Everybody wanna do me
Having visions of blond greed
Every day seems on repeat
Resurect my spirit
Desire I can't belive it
Still dreamin' gangstashit
Still cry on ma heartbeat
No realease from pain I hit
Soul monsters I can't beat
No love that I complete
I can't define myself, I do compose myself
There's need to ask about me
Cuz now life is my deep sea
Some childish stupid bitches
Turned out to like the switches
And played me like they snitches

In every game I give my soul
The bitch play like she's a ghoul
Enemies remain the same
But friends get bitchy and have no shame
Transmuting thoughts in other me
Biting rocks, I do not flee!
Still loving words of love
Still wishing wings of dove...
They kill my every angel
This world is full of danger
I'm gonna embrace the anger
And treat you as a banger
Ruthless is the way of a stranger
No mercy I'll show just like a ranger

I won't follow the trends
I stick with the blends
And roll with the bends
Cuz sometimes a fend
Is nothinn' but a blood rend...

duminică, 12 mai 2013


Cat de usor e de greu
Sa crezi ca tu nu esti un zeu
Cat de putin ti se pare
Cand viata iti da doar ce are
Cata tristete iti biciuie ochii
Cand n-o mai gasesti
In frumoasele rochii
Cata durere te cheama
Cand nu te mai baga in seama
Cat de reci ai lacrimi
Cand te compui doar din patimi
Cat de des te intrigi
Cand singur auzi cum te strigi...